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What is a dental implant, and what is it made from?

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A implant is a surgical fixture that is planted in either the jaw bone or the skull to supply support for a prosthesis such as a crown, bridge or to act as an orthodontic anchor. It is a very modern procedure which includes a biological process called Osseointegration that involves the bond of materials such a titanium to the bone. It requires a fair amount of healing time between Osseointegration and the placing of the prosthetic, this time is to give your bone time to accept the new materials and for your gum to heal around it.

The dental implant itself is made up of the implant that is bonded to the bone, the abutment and then the custom-made crown. The tooth is made to fit and replace the original tooth to create a natural look and feel. Almost all implants are made from titanium or titanium alloy as erase arch has shown that this material is well tolerated by bone.
Due to the titanium being fused to the bone you will need to give your mouth time to accept the implant and for it to become comfortable to use.

Dental implants are the upgrade of other tooth-replacing treatments as it is quick, long lasting and has been shown to produce the best results. They don’t cause grinding away of surrounding teeth or result in the damage of more teeth whilst fixing others, which has been shown to be a result of tooth-supported bridges. Dental implants are designed to look after the rest of your mouth and keep you healthy, comfortable and happy. They are made to fix the problem fast and permanently.

Dental implants are the healthiest option for dental replacement surgery as it is moulded to the patience original mouth structure and will therefore act as a genuine decoy of the original tooth. Dentures and bridges are only fitted and rely on the support of other teeth which could result in the damage of surrounding teeth, gum erosions, mouth sores and or bacterial infections.

Dental implants have a success rate of 98.4% which is incredibly high. Also the success rate of your own treatment bases on how seriously you take your recovery and cleansing of your mouth. If you look after your implant, then your implant will look after you. Recovery can take up to 10-14 days of eating softer foods for your implant to heal and be ready to operate as a normal tooth. This is a small price to pay for a perfect reconstructed tooth! Most other options such as Dentures either need to keep being replaced or repaired or cause other problems such a pain when eating. With the right care your implant will last up a lifetime, depending on how well you look after them, this keeps your surgical process short and sweet so you can move on and not have the constant worry or hassle of teeth replacement. Remember, the success of your treatment all depends on the health of the patient.

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